It is with great pleasure that I present to you the 2019 Tornados football team.

Understanding the family(TEAM) can only progress with the presence of TRUST and CARING, we

COMMIT ourselves to reaching our full potential. We know that every action must be with the

team in mind, and unwavering LOYALTY to the TEAM must be achieved. Fun will prevail for all,

because there will be an absence of special privileges for any individual. We know that “We will

get as our work deserve!!!” We are committed to growing mentally, physically and spiritually.

We seek to get better every day; we will achieve this through the relentless execution of

fundamentals. We will compete with the best to become the best, we will play with passion. We

realize this can only be accomplished by extraordinary focus, discipline, dedication and desire,

one step at a time. We will respect the proud tradition of the past, and will provide further

greatness and tradition for the future. We will do so, at all times, knowing that it is our

responsibility to serve as positive representatives of CTX TORNADOS.

I would like to extend my great gratitude to everyone within our community that helps

contribute to our program. Our Tornados Football program is special because of all the people

that work relentssly behind the scenes. I could never thank you enough for your support.


Number         Name                       Position

     0                Walker, Eric                         RB/LB

     1                Crittedon, Jarrell                 RB/HB    

     2                Bird, Jim                              QB

     3                Morgan, Travis                    DB/WR      

     4                Deasfernandez, DeMarco    DB/WR 

     6                Orellana, Oscar                    WR

     7                Alexander, Joel                   DB/WR 

     8                Johnson, Nigel                     WR

     9                Morant, Marcus                     LB                    

    10               Body, Taj                             WR/QB    

    12               Davis, Eric                            RB  

    16               Fitzgerald, Trammell              WR   

    18               Hopes, Carl                           DE  

    22               Kamp, Jacob                         DB   

    23               Guyton, Reginald                   LB     

    25               Hastings, Ryan                     WR/FS

    27               Powers, Cole                         DB

    32               Taylor, Devin                          RB    

    35               Casarez, Johnathan               DE  

    39               McKinnie, Eric                       SS 

    40               Kay, Michael                         LB

    41               Davis, Marquell                     RB 

    44               Hewitt, James                      DE/OL  

    50               Foster, Ron                         DT/OL   

    52               Smothers, Robbie               OL/DL

    62               Brown, Johnny                      OL

    64               Kay, JT                                 OL

    69               Benjamin, Zach                     DB

    77               Spears, Joseph                     DT

    78               Fairly, Donte                       OL/DL

    81               Newel, Shane                        OL  

    99               Freshour, Joseph                DT/OL  

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